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Review of Obesity Statistics – A Global Problem

Overweight and Obesity

Overweight or obesity is not a problem of a few rich countries now; it has become a common problem in almost all the countries of the world.  Urban and rural population is gaining more and more body mass than required.  A few exceptions to this are the population of some very poor African countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia etc.

Obesity and overweight has become an epidemic worldwide, with rates of the condition soaring in recent decades, in particular among children. It becomes as the major behavioral risk factors for chronic degenerative diseases and premature death in developed nations today.

In USA, around 80% of the total population is having more body mass than required.  In other western countries and many other countries in different parts of the world is in the same path.  Causes of obesity are many; such as surplus rich food availability, easy accessibility of fat rich fast food or junk food, lack of time to plan a strict diet pattern, lack of exercise etc. But the main reason is the unawareness of the health risk of overweight.  Being an obese or over weighed person for a long period means your health is at risk. 

Over body mass restricts many natural function of our body.  It will directly affect the physical activity which will visibly reduce considerably.  Children and adolescents who are overweight are more likely than their normal weight counterparts to suffer bone fractures and have joint and muscle pains.  The most common joint complaint was knee pain, with 21.4 percent of overweight youth reporting knee pain and 16.7 percent of non-overweight youth reporting knee pain.  Internal functions like respiration, blood circulation will not go smoothly in obese persons as in the case of a person who have a near perfect body mass.

Obesity statistics shows that heart disorders, blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory problems etc. can easily attack a person having overweight and many other diseases have to follow.  More over weighed persons in a society or in a country means most of its members are at health risk. 

Watch the video by LeeMemorialMarketing about the health risk of obesity below:


A public awareness about the importance of weight loss should be implemented at government level to get a better result.  There are different weight loss programs are available; the people should have to be given option to select the appropriate weight reducing program with the support of public health program.  Different persons have different tastes, so the programs should be selected as per the taste and should be practised with utmost sincerity.

First requirement of weight loss is the strong decision to reduce overweight by the person who is suffering from overweight problem.  Then he should have to make changes in his life style to get better result.  Major changes should be done in eating habits, doing exercises and in leading a systematic life.  

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