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Learn More About Different Sleeping Problems

Sleep is a very important body function and many developmental works in the body are completing when a person sleeps.  One third of the life time of a person is using for sleeping. Sleep gives the body and brain enough rest after the tight working schedule in the day time. This also gives energy to the body to perform in better level in the next day.  

But unfortunately many people are suffering from different sleep problems because of various reasons. The normal functioning of the body will interrupt when enough rest is not giving for the body and the brain.  In addition to this, various illnesses can be originated by sleep deprivation. 

Different Types of Sleep Disorders

Troublesome sleep-related disorders rare called parasmonias in general.  They are characterized by the undesirable physical or verbal behaviors or expressions by the patients. These trouble making sleep disorders can be classified in to the following categories:

  • REM Sleep Behavior Disorders:  Here the patient will act out distinctly altered dreams that are vivid and intense.  Their violent behaviors include talking, yelling, kicking, jumping out of bed etc. This sleep disorder can be occurring without any known cause.  Patients having dementia or a hemorrhage may show this behavior.  
  • Nightmare Disorder:  A good number of patients of this disorder are children.  This sleep disorder is also known as dream anxiety attack.  Nightmares occur during the sleep which results in profuse sweating and arousal.  Personality disorder, strained relationship with others, regular use of drugs may the reasons for this disorder.  Symptoms are mainly a nightmare during sleep and sudden arousal.
  • Sleep Walking Disorder:  These patients show some peculiar type of behavior such as wandering aimlessly, carrying objects without any purpose, going outdoor etc.  The affected person’s eyes will be wide open in a stare.  Communication with the patient, at this stage, is impossible. Reason may be hereditary in this sleep disorder.  Use of some drugs, fever, lack of sleep, internal or external stimuli may be the other reasons
  • Sleep Terror Disorder:  This disorder is characterized by a sudden terrified scream followed by some irrational physical action.  Patients can injure themselves. Lack of sleep, fever, use of some medication etc. may the reasons of this sleep disorder.  The patient will have increased heart rate, an increase in respiratory rate, sweating and increased muscle tone.  
  • Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement Disorders:  These two disorders are often co-existing.  Insomnia or inability to sleep is the primary symptoms of these sleep disorders.  Iron deficiency, pregnancy, menopause, chronic renal failure, osteoarthritis, neurological disorders, diseases of spinal cord etc. are the causes of these sleeping problems.  The persons with restless legs syndrome describe discomfort in legs and this symptom usually occur at bedtime or other period of inactivity.  They usually have the inability to sleep (insomnia) and this disorder may cause depression and suicidal thoughts. A history of iron deficiency (anemia) is common in persons having these two sleep disorders.

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Different methods of treatments are available for these sleeping disorders.  It is very necessary to consult your doctor, if you have any sleeping problems.  Normal sleeping pattern should be restored as early possible, before the body reacts to this sleep deprivations by showing symptoms of various physical disorders such headache, memory problem etc.  Identify the exact nature of the sickness you have with the help of your doctor and take appropriate treatment methods to cure it.

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