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This product will transform your life by giving you an overall development of body and mind.  Yoga breathing exercises are aimed for the betterment of body, mind and spirit of the practitioner.

Physical fitness is very important in our life.  To maintain the fitness of the body, different types of physical exercises are practiced by us.  When practicing physical exercises such as aerobic exercises and weight training exercises, we have to be young or we should get a doctor’s consent for the practice.  But yoga breathing exercises are very different from other physical exercises.  It can be practiced by all even by children, sick people and old aged people.

Brilliant Yoga eBook

Who Should Try This Product?

Yoga is not considered as merely a physical exercise.  The yoga breathing exercises are meant to unify the mind, body and spirit. It is aimed at the physical, mental as well as the spiritual well being of the mankind.  It is used for healing purposes also.  For those who are interested to practice a complete physical exercise, yoga is the perfect solution.  A person can practice yoga from childhood to old age continuously.  It will help you to maintain the fitness of the body and also help to overcome or cure certain diseases.  Diabetes, blood pressure, heart disorders, back pain, overweight are only few irregularities for which yoga is a perfect solution. 

Regular practice of yoga is helpful for relief from aches and pains, for managing stress and anxiety and for reducing overweight.  Watch the video presentation of this product here.

About the Author

Sarah Sanders is the author of this eBook.  She is the developer of the Brilliant Yoga system.  Sarah Sanders is a recognized nutrition, a fitness expert and a well known yoga instructor.

What You Can Find in This eBook?

This product is a 234 page eBook in PDF format and easily downloadable.  Brilliant Yoga eBook is a good guide for the beginners and for the intermediate practitioners of yoga.

Brilliant Yoga focuses in the body’s natural metabolic system. This eBook teaches everything you need to transform your body and your life by yoga step-by-step practice with quality photographs.  This is a comprehensive guide to yoga and teaches you various types of yoga, healing power of yoga, weight loss by yoga practice and stress reduction by yoga practice.

This book comes as a self-training program that yoga learners can perform at their own home. 24/7 e-mail support is available from the author.  This book is presented in three sections:

  • .       Section one is a quick guide to yoga for weight loss.
  • .       Section two is the information about health metabolism and nutrition.
  • .       Section three deals with different asana and poses.

BONUSES: Three eBooks are free with the Purchase of this product:

1)      Back Pain (varieties of treatment options for back pain)
2)      Pilates (combining most beneficial Pilates exercises with Yoga)
3)      Stretching and Calisthenics Made Easy (shows the right way for stretching, from cardiovascular to muscular fitness and about nutrition.. plus 10 do’s and don’ts)


Name of the Product       : BRILLIANT YOGA

Price of the Product       : $47
Money Back Guarantee          : For 8 weeks
Bonuses with the Purchase                : Three eBooks:
                                                                       1. Back Pain
                                                                       2.  Pilates
                                                                       3.  Stretching and Calisthenic  Made                                                                                                                           Easy      
Download Page for Purchase : Go to the Official Website.

Final Word

Yoga breathing exercises makes the body flexible and its practice gently massage and stimulate the internal organs.  This helps the repair and rejuvenation of the tissues.  Yoga is an extremely good physical fitness exercise for those who are unwell and old.  Yoga practice will reduce the aches and pain within a short period.  Since this book has a guarantee period of eight weeks, you can purchase it and find out if the practice is helpful for you to get any benefits. 

Click here to get the download link.  If you find this book is not helpful for you in any manner, you can ask for a refund within eight weeks.

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