IMMUNICE Herbal Supplement for Immune Support

This is an Ayurvedic herbal supplement.  Ayurvedic products are manufactured from herbal ingredients which are not harmful to our body.  Ayurveda is a natural treatment method which was originated in India about 5000 years ago.  Ayurveda was first recorded in the Veda, the world's oldest existing literature, which shows that Ayurveda is as old as the Vedas…… Read more about Ayurveda for information.

Immunice is a natural supplement formulated to bolster your immune system response. It supports T-cell activation and anti-pathogen activity to bolster immune response.  This product will:
  • Heighten Anti-Pathogen Activity
  • Moderate Allergic Response
  • Support your Cellular Integrity

INGREDIENTS: Amla, Ashwagandh, Holy Basi, Chebulic Myrobala, Gotu Kola, Guggul, Turmeric and Pepper. 

These natural ingredients will support healthy immune system function, toxin removal at the cellular level, supply antioxidants for blood purification and boost natural anti-bacterial activity.

Immunice's proprietary formulation contains
228 natural phytonutrients that exert 509 synergistic activities on your body. Many of these phytonutrients are widely recognized for their contribution to Immune Health. They will boost immune system response, counter free radical activity to support cellular health and support immune function and strengthen the body.

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