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7 Tips to Get Rid of Forehead Lines - Anti Aging Skin Care

As your skin ages it loses collagen and elasticity, causing it to grow slack. The two most common forms of forehead wrinkling are horizontal furrows and deep vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows. Deep forehead wrinkles can make you look older than you feel. Sun exposure and genetic factors also can contribute to deep wrinkles above the brows. Both types of lines can be treated with surgical and non-surgical methods. 

Wrinkles appear on the forehead as you age and as the skin loses elasticity. Wrinkles are folds or creases that appear on the skin due to a variety of factors. These include lifestyle, diet, the natural ageing process and overexposure to the sun. Wrinkles affect both women and men and can make you appear old.  

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Causes of Forehead Lines

Genetics, the ageing process, collagen loss, environmental factors and repeated facial expressions contribute to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead. Simple, natural remedies such as exercise, taking antioxidants and staying hydrated can help slow and reduce the formation of forehead wrinkles.

Seven Methods to Remove Forehead Lines

1.      USING A FRUIT MASK once a week will help you maintain your wrinkle-free look. You can make a fruit mask by the following method:
·         Combine 1/4 cup grape juice, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup apple juice and 1/4 cup cane sugar in a small bowl.
·         Mix the ingredients well enough so that all the sugar dissolves.
·         Wash your face to remove any dirt or make up and pat dry. Apply the fruit juice mixture to your facial skin with a cotton ball.
·         Allow the mixture to soak into your skin for 10 minutes.
·         Rinse the mixture from your face with cool water and moisturise.

2.      EXERCISE improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension, which can both improve the overall look and vitality of your face. To work the muscles in your forehead:

·         Close your eyes and pull down on your lids while lifting your eyebrows. Lift and lower your eyebrows to stretch and flex the muscles of your forehead.
·         Place your fingers just below your hairline and firmly push your forehead upward. Now try to frown and hold for 10 counts; repeat 10 times.
3.      DRINK EIGHT GLASSES OF WATER daily to stay adequately hydrated. By keeping yourself well hydrated, you can help maintain and increase skin elasticity. Drinks containing caffeine and alcohol dehydrate your skin.
4.      Apply a high-quality ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM on your forehead after using a good quality EX FOLIATING CREAM. These creams work by eliminating the outer dead layer of your skin while hydrating and plumping it up to help smooth out wrinkles. Results can be seen after about one month.
5.      Get a CHEMICAL PEEL to eliminate your forehead wrinkles. An acid solution such as trichloroacetic acid is applied to the forehead to dissolve the outer layer of your skin down to the wrinkles.
6.     Apply SUNSCREEN to your forehead and face when doing the aforementioned treatments. Sunscreen will help moisturise your skin and prevent further wrinkles.
7.      BROW LIFT SURGERY is another option to get rid of the lines on the forehead. This procedure is designed to remove excess forehead skin to smooth out the wrinkles.

 For the prevention against the formation of the forehead lines the following key things should be considered:
  •        Avoid ultra violet sun rays by wearing a sunscreen.
  •        Drink six to eight glasses of water daily.
  •        Follow healthy eating habits.
  •        Adequate sleep required.
  •        Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  •        Avoid stress and anxiety.
  •        Do facial exercises regularly.
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