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Heart Attack – Can You Engage In Sex After Heart Attack?

People are often concerned about having sex after a heart attack because they think it might be too strenuous and it will cause another trouble for the heart.  Actually there is no evidence that having sex increases the risk of another heart attack, if you are doing it after the recovery. Once you've recovered, you’re no more likely to trigger another heart attack by having sex than someone who has never had a heart attack.

Cardiovascular Test

After a heart attack, doctor will check your blood pressure and heart rate while you walk, to get an idea about how well your heart is dealing with exercise. Based on these tests, a home exercise program will be developed to help you to build the strength of your cardiovascular system.  Your heart will take some time (about six weeks) to heal the damaged muscles.  It is better to avoid physical and emotional stress in this period.  After six weeks, you will be able to do moderate works.

Regular Exercises

Walking is a good exercise and at first do it in small spaces at different intervals. Walk for five minutes and do it four or five times a day.  Increase the time of walk slowly and when you can walk for 30 minutes time without any break or inconvenience, you can maintain that level of exercise continuously.

Sex and Heart Attack

Most of the people have doubts about having sex with the partner after heart attack?  More discussions have done on this subject and a general idea about this is that after recovering from a heart attack you can have sex as soon as you feel ready. For most people, this is usually around 4-6 weeks.  Regular exercises are good for the heart and like any other form of physical activity, having sex also can make your heart work harder by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. Discuss your fears with your doctor and resolve these concerns with some concrete advice.

British Heart Foundation has given some advice for those who are participating in a sexual activity after heart attack as follows:
  • Avoid having sex after a heavy meal
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol before having sex
  • Find a position that is comfortable for you
  • Ask your partner to take a more active role
  • Keep any medication close by in case you need it

After having a heart attack, some men experience problems for getting or maintaining an erection and these problems can be caused by the emotional stress or, in rare cases by the medication such as beta-blockers. As suggested earlier, it is better to wait for six weeks time to recover and after that you can re-start your sex life normally.  In other words, if you can comfortably walk a quarter-mile or climb two flights of stairs, you can have sex again.

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