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Basic Information about Cancer Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Cancer is one of the most common types diseases nowadays affecting millions of people in the entire world regardless of age gender or race, there are different types of cancer known to affect different parts of the body, it is usually considered a hereditary form of disease that can be passed down a generation of a particular clan or within close family members.

Cancer basically is used to refer to uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in different parts of the body, if this type of uncontrolled abnormal body cell occurs in the breast it will be called breast cancer in the long it will be lung cancer in the prostate region it will be called prostate cancer etc .Cancerous cells are also called as malignant cells.

Normal body cells are known to be the building blocks of the body and usually grow in a particular depending on when the body needs them and then are supposed to die when the body does not need them .Cancer is the opposite of this as it makes this cells to grow in un proportional amount especially so when the body does not need them and they do not die when they are supposed to die .This uncontrolled growth of body cells leading to cancerous cells is known to occur in different organs such as lung colon stomach breasts.

Depending on the type of cancer there are numerous causes of cancer some of which can be able to avoid but some of which are beyond the human ability to escape .Genetic problems is one of the main causes of different forms of cancer such as breast or skin cancer .This is where cancer is transferred to close family members within relatives with this it is usually difficult to avoid but early medication is known to enhance treatment. Exposure to UV rays produced by the sun is known to highly contribute to one getting skin cancer .

Environmental toxins also contribute to other forms of cancer some poisonous mushrooms and certain type of poison that grows in peanuts also contribute ton development of certain form of cancer .Other causes of cancer includes such things as excess body weight commonly known as obesity and other forms of viruses. Excess alcohol intake and habitual cigarette smoking can lead to somebody contracting lung cancer .Benzene and other chemicals are some of the other contributions to cancer.

Cancer is known to contain numerous different forms of symptoms depending in the type of cancer one is facing; it is worth noting that some cancer types usually don't have initial symptoms till in advanced stages so it is usually worth for one to be visiting hospitals for medical checkups. Excess body fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of cancer and common when cancer is on advanced stages, unusual body weight loss should be symptoms that should trigger one to seek medical help as it might be a symptom of a type of cancer. Pain is another symptom of cancer especially to those affect the bone regions as it usually occurs when the cancer spread to body organs.

After test such as MRI scan chest x-ray biopsy of the tumor and bone marrow biopsy to determine if one has been infected by a type of cancer treatment is usually the next step depending on the type of cancer. Treatment is usually based on the extent to which it has grown ,if it is in its initial stages then surgery is usually the best option to remove the cancerous cells and usually for skin lung breast and colon forms of cancer. If surgery is not the best form treatment then one may undergo radiation or chemotherapy .Eating of good diets is usually the best treatment in initially avoiding cancer.

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