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Cancer Treatment – Effective Use of Choronotherapy

In the initial stages of cancer, it can be treated successfully in many cases.  Chemotherapy and radiation are the options for the treatment of cancer and surgery also is used in some cases. The adverse effects of these treatments are to be suffered by the healthy cells of the body also; treatments that you are taking for the destruction of the cancerous cells, usually ending up in the destruction of many healthy cells.

Choronotherapy Treatment 

Chronotherapy is a new branch of cancer treatment and it is aimed to give more efficiency to the treatment methods.  This method uses the best time of the day to administer the treatment based of the body’s biological clock working in the patient’s body.  This biological clock is also known as circadian clock.  This effort will maximize the efficiency of the treatment. When chemotherapy method is using after finding out the best time of the day for the treatment, it will minimize the ill effects of the treatment.

Circadian Clock or Biological Clock

Every living organism is equipped with a biological or circadian clock to help them to adapt to the daily cycle of the day and night.  This clock is also based on the 24 hour period as earth takes to complete its rotation.  This clock is linked to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) which contains about 20,000 nerve cells located in the hypothalamus in the brain.  

Circadian rhythms can influence hormone function, body temperature, sleep functions etc. Abnormalities of the circadian rhythms have been associated with diabetes, depression, obesity etc.   Understanding the exact way of working of this biological clock will help the researchers to develop new medicines and methods for the effective treatment of many diseases. 

Choronotherapy is the treatment based on the function of this circadian clock.  Chronotherapy is also used in the treatment of asthma, depression, bipolar disorder and hypertension also.  Now it is formulated to use choronotherapy application in the group oriented works also to increase the productivity and performance. 

Chronotherapy and Cancer

The studies show that the patients who are receiving the choronotherapy based treatment are having only very low side effects such as vomiting, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  Uncontrolled growth of cancer cells can be effectively blocked with fewer side effects, if the treatment used after understanding the working of the body’s own biological or circadian clock.  In cancer treatment, this circadian clock is using effectively now with many positive results.

Several studies have shown a strong correlation between the expression of circadian genes and various cell cycle phases. Therefore, the circadian clock can indirectly control the expression of genes. The hormones are under the influence of the circadian clock as we can monitor the 24 hour rhythmic changes in their levels in the body. Therefore, any disruption of the circadian clock will have an adverse affect on the secretion of these hormones and as a result disrupt cell proliferation rates. As a result, a disrupted circadian clock can lead to a compromised immune system which in turn leads to cancer development.

Watch a video below by Ackerman Cancer Center about Chronotherapy Treatment for Cancer:

The choronotherapy treatment in cancer and many other diseases such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes, depression etc. are mainly aims to reduce the negative effects of the treatment on the body.  Administer the medicine or any other type of remedial measure at the right time when the body is prepared to receive it.  This will give more efficiency to the treatment and largely decrease in the adverse effects of the treatment method used.  

Choronotherapy is now successfully using in the treatment of cancer and many other physical discomforts that demands more efficiency and less damage in its treatment.  In future, after more researches and studies, choronotherapy application will do more wonders to give more efficient and body-friendly treatment options for many physical ailments.

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