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Fitness – How to Exercises At Home

Home Exercises – Benefits

Many fitness enthusiasts exercise at home instead of paying for a gym membership. While there are advantages to exercising both places, home exercising have many benefits that a gym does not. Doing exercises in your home has many advantages and some disadvantages.  By exercising at home, you can save time that requires for your trip to the gym and also you can arrange your exercise program at a convenient time of your selection.  Some people are not comfortable exercising at a gym, for them exercise at home and make the exercise more inspiring. You can listen to your favourite music from your home speaker system or iPod dock while doing exercise in home. Wear the exercise clothes that are the most comfortable, without worrying about who might see you.  

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There are a few disadvantages also.  You won’t be able to fit as many exercise pieces in your home as you’d like, but in a gym several types of fitness equipments are available.  You will not get immediate support or guidance of a trainer also when you are doing home exercise.  But you can save a lot of time and also you can arrange the timing of the exercise program as per your convenience.

Some Home Workouts for Fitness That Can Do Without the Help of Any Equipment:


 If you have a staircase in your home, you can get good exercise by simply climbing the stairs.  To start, stand at the bottom of the stairs and walk in place for about one minute to get your leg muscles warmed up.  Next, step up onto the first stair, and then back down.  Repeat this move on the first stair only ten times.  Walk in place for fifteen seconds.   After this walk up the first two stairs, and then back down, then walk up one stair and back down.  Repeat ten times.  Then go up three stairs, come down, walk up two stairs, come down, and walk up one stair and come down.  Repeat this exercise ten times. Your strength and stamina gradually build up your endurance over the weeks and months to come.


You can work out your thigh and gluteus muscles by using sofa as a support.  Stand up facing the sofa, with one of the sofa arms in front of you.  Then bend forward, supporting your weight on the arm of the sofa.  Keep your head down so that you do not put stress on your neck muscles.  Kick your right leg back, so that the bottom of your foot is parallel to the ceiling, and then bring it back down.  When you are doing the exercise properly, you should feel it in your thigh and butt.  Do fifteen repetitions on your right leg, and then repeat with your left leg.


Hold a basket full of clothes (laundry basket) above you head, and lift upwards and back down.  Do at least three repetitions of fifteen lifts each.  If it is too heavy for you, all you have to do is take out some clothes to reduce the weight.  This exercise will work your shoulders, upper arms, and upper back muscles.  Do this workout in a different way by laying flat on your back, and lifting the basket up and down from your chest.


Crunch routines for abdominal muscles can easily be done from the comfort of your own living room.  Start with some isometrics.  Take a five-second count to come up, and five seconds back down.  Do five repetitions.  Next, do three repetitions of fifteen crunches at a normal pace.   After doing this exercise, turn onto your side with your upper back and shoulders still facing upward.


Use an office chair with wheels (a swivel chair) for this exercise.  Do some arm workouts right at your desk.  Just hold onto the edge of your desk while you are seated in the chair, and use your arm muscles to pull yourself close to the desk, and then push yourself back away.  This will work your biceps.


Dancing is a great way to burn off pounds, and it also great fun.  Turn on some off your favourite tunes with a fast and energetic beat, and break it down.  It doesn't matter what you look like - all that matters is that you are burning calories, and loving every minute of it.


There are some excellent workout videos in the market today that helps you to get into good shape.  Visit your local video rental store, and check out their collection of exercise video rentals. This way, you can try out more workouts by watching a video, and you can get a diversified workout.

If you are interested to do some advanced type of exercise for shaping your body or to participate in some sports or games, consider getting a piece of cardio equipment, like a recumbent bike or elliptical trainer, as well as a home gym machine with several different arm, leg, back and chest exercise options.  But you can pick and choose the ones that will fit into your fitness goals.  If your budget doesn't allow for expensive gym equipment, invest in some dumbbells, kettle bells or resistance bands for a challenging workout.  

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