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7 Natural Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Skin is the largest organ in our body and skin types are different in different people.  People who have dry skin have to face many problems in winter season.  To maintain the normal oil nature of the skin, they have to use artificial lotions frequently.  The chemical ingredients in these lotions may cause allergic reactions to the skin when you are using them for a long period.  So it is advisable to use natural moisturisers to overcome this problem of dryness.

Dry skin is a skin type and it results in the limited production of oil in the skin. Dehydrated skin is lacking moisture. Even combination and oily skin types can be dehydrated.  In winter times dry skin cause more problems.  To overcome this problem, using moisturisers with chemical ingredients will cause reactions to many.  Using natural moisturisers is a better option and some of the natural items that can be used as skin moisturisers are listed below:

  1. Olive oil:  Olive oil is the base of ingredient of many over the counter moisturisers.  It helps the skin to retain moisture and it is packed with antioxidants that can repair dry and inflamed skin.  Gently massage olive oil over the skin and let it be there for fifteen minutes.  Oil can be applied using soaked cotton swabs also.  Wash the oil after some time.  Always use extra virgin olive oil for better results.
  2. Milk: Milk is another natural moisturiser that is available in our home.  Milk is used as a skin moisturiser from very olden times itself.  Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, was famous for her milk baths.  Milk helps the skin to get nourished and hydrated because of the proteins it contains.  Add a few cups of milk to the water using for your bath.
  3. Yoghurt: Yoghurt is also a natural moisturiser like milk.  It helps the skin to cool down in summer season also.  Apply the natural plain yoghurt over the skin and left for about ten minutes to do its work.  Regular use of yoghurt will make your skin silky and soft.
  4. Honey: Honey is also used for skin nourishment from the olden times itself.  It softens and moisturisers dry skin.  Apply honey directly to the affected areas and massage gently for two or three minutes.  Then rinse it. 
  5. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a wonder oil, and one of its speciality is moisturising and it is freely available in our home also.  It can directly apply to the skin, especially to the affected areas and joints.  Also mix a little oil to the water that is using for your bath.
  6. A Mixture of Egg yolk and Honey: The combination of egg yolk and honey is very good for the skin complexion.  It will make your skin silky and soft.  Mix one egg yolk and two teaspoons of honey and apply it on your face and neck.  Massage it gently and wash with lukewarm water after drying.
  7. A Mixture of Buttermilk, Avocado, Olive Oil and Honey: This combination is a very good natural moisturiser which will make your skin smooth and glowing.  Quantities of the ingredients are: Buttermilk-1 cup, Avocado- half, Olive Oils- as per the requirement and Honey-2 tbs.  Use this mixture to your body daily to get glowing skin.
Watch a video below by Homeveda - Home Remedies forYou! about Home Made Natural Moisturisers:

All the above natural moisturizers are available in your home itself and they are chemically free also.  You do not have to spend money separately for skin care because most of these items are using for other purposes in every home.  Try these items as per their availability in your home and keep your skin in good condition.

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