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7 Important Things You Should Understand about Diabetes

Every year November 14 is celebrating as ‘World Diabetes Day’.   According to WHO, by 2030, one in every 10 persons will be a diabetic.  So it is very essential to learn and understand more about this disease and necessary to create awareness among the people in the society. 

Diabetes is caused by the variation of blood sugar levels.  When you have high blood sugar level, it is diabetes and that will cause some serious difficulties to the normal functioning of the body.  It affects mostly adult people, but youngsters and children are also suffering by diabetes these days because of different reasons.

Diabetes can be controlled by taking medicines and by practicing suitable life style changes; then the patient can lead a normal life in the society.  But there are certain things that should be understood by the diabetic patients and by the people who are trying to avoid the attack of diabetes in future.  Some important facts are:

  1. A fasting blood sugar level of 126 mg/dl in more than one occasion is considered as a diabetic condition.  At the same time, a fasting blood sugar level of 110-125 mg/dl in more than one occasion is considered as pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes have a strong possibility to develop type 2 diabetes in future.
  2. If you have diabetes, a planned diet with regular physical activity will help you to control the sugar level along with the prescribed medicines.  Many natural products are available to reduce sugar level, but before taking them, check for their viability in detail.
  3. Diabetes is considered as a life-long disease, but it does not mean that you should take insulin for the rest of your life, if you started to take it as a part of the treatment.  Many examples are there about the patients who have stopped the insulin intake, after they reduced their weight and developed their body strength by doing regular physical activities.
  4. Some times you will not feel any discomfort in the bodily functions, even if your blood sugar level is high.  It does not mean that your diabetes is under control.  If your blood sugar level is not normal healthy level it means that you are diabetic and you should continue the diet restrictions and medicines.
  5. If your parents had diabetes, there is a chance to inherit this disease to you and to your siblings.  But this is only a possibility, not a strict rule.  If your parents are diabetic, you can take early precautions to withstand the attack of this disease by following a healthy life style.
  6. Prevention is possible in diabetes also; but not by taking any medicines or by vaccination.  Reduce your weight to moderate level and do regular exercises (30 minutes exercise for five days a week) and this will help you to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.
  7. Normal belief is that the diabetes will affect only adults.  But nowadays many children and youngsters are becoming diabetic because of the modern life style changes and because of heredity.  Overweight and lack of exercise are the main reasons in youngsters and children for the diabetic attack.  Give more awareness about the negative factors of this disease and encourage them to reduce overweight and engage in sports activities to prevent diabetes attack.

Watch a video by diabeteswa on World Diabetes Day 2014:

Diabetes is a biochemical disorder which arises when your body is not capable to control the use of carbohydrates, sugars and starches.  Controlling diabetes requires conscious efforts of personal determination along with the support of family members and friends.  

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