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Effective Asthma Treatment Methods

For the asthma patient, there is no hope for a cure. The symptoms and onset of asthma attacks can be very uncomfortable and overwhelming for the victim. There is hope for treatment of the symptoms and attacks that are associated with asthma. If you or someone you know suffers from this non curable disease, please read on as we will be covering some effective methods of asthma treatment.

Asthma Treatment Today

There is a wide variety of asthma treatment methods on the market today; the first one we will examine is called the Asthma Control Test. The Asthma Control Test a method that determines the severity of your asthmatic condition. Once the evaluation is performed, the results will allow you and your physician to work towards a resolution on a proper asthma treatment.

Another form of asthma treatment, though quite basic, is simply to avoid triggers such as irritants and allergens. These triggers often lead the asthmatic individual to experience symptoms and an attack. The following outlines some steps that you can take to avoid triggers:
Talk to your Doctor about the medicines you are taking, as some of them induce asthma to act up. Some examples that may cause symptoms are Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Eye Drops.

Get your annual Flu Shot.

Keep a food journal and if you start to experience asthma symptoms, avoid the foods that are causing the issues.

During Allergy Season, avoid outdoor exposure when pollen counts are high. This usually occurs midday and afternoon hours.

Close doors and windows to reduce the amount of airborne pollens and molds you come in contact with.

Remove any mold that may be inside the home. If you see mold on items in your home, like shower curtains, etc, clean them with bleach. If bleach induces an asthma attack, ask someone for help. Ensure that you promptly fix any leaky faucets and pipes as moisture encourages mold to breed.

Avoid items like cigarette smoke, pipes, perfumes, sprays, paint, and powders.
Using an air conditioner can help in relieving asthma symptoms.

If you start to experience asthma symptoms, take a break. Do not force yourself or over-exert yourself.

Try to limit and/or avoid exposure to pets.

Keep your home as clean and dust free as possible. Take special care to clean thoroughly in the bathrooms, kitchens and basements.

While one person may gain relief from asthma symptoms by ensuring they follow each of the above listed precautions, other people may not be as successful. The main idea is to experiment and decide what works best for you and your situation. For sufferers of asthma, finding an effective asthma treatment may be a long process. You may have to experience different methods and treatments. It could take time and a variety of asthma treatment methods, but the asthma can be controlled by utilizing appropriate treatments.

Remember, before starting any asthma treatment program, or making changes to your daily routine, it is important to contact your physician.

There is hope!

Resources of asthma treatments can be found at: and here

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