Common Cold

Common Cold Treatment - Boost Your Immunity

Common cold is a very common disease and it is not usually harmful also.  Frequency of attack of this disease is based on the immunity power of our body.  Since there is not any practical cure for common cold, it is wise to boost the immunity power of our body against common cold and flu.....  Full Story

How to Get Immunity against Cold and Flu

Each year, between five and 20 percent of the US population come down with flu-like illness. Both colds and various influenzas are caused by a wide variety of viruses and not by bacteria. Both these ailments affect the respiratory tract, but there are some differences between them......  Full Story 

Fastest Cures For the Effects of the Common Cold   

The effects of the common cold can interfere with your daily routine, make you miss work or school and generally make you feel miserable. Scientists, researchers and the regular folks still debate about the fastest cure for common colds. Is it zinc? Is it Vitamin C? Is it chicken soup? Or, is it a combination of factors including adequate rest and good nutrition?  Full Story

How is the Common Cold Transmitted

The common cold is initially a viral infection of the lining of the nose. Cilia, small hairs, inside of the nose transmit the virus up and back into the region of the adenoids, sometimes causing cough and sore throat. The common cold is one of the major reasons for doctor visits every year, but doctors typically recommend an over the counter remedy for common cold symptom relief. Symptoms typically last for about a week. Some people recover more quickly. Others take longer to recover. Some preventatives, such as vitamin C supplements, are also recommended as a remedy for common cold symptoms, since some studies have shown that they may reduce the duration of symptoms in some people......   Full Story

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