Type 1 Diabetes – Natural Treatment

Natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.  In more recent times, many published clinical studies demonstrating the ability of a range of herbs to support the endocrine system and pancreatic health and to maintain normal blood sugar levelsType 1 diabetes, as it usually begins in childhood and is associated with the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin
.....  Full Story

Obesity, or excess body fat, is usually caused by consuming too much energy rich food while doing too little exercise to burn off unneeded calories. The health effects of obesity can include an increased risk ofheart disease, stroke, cancer and high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Obesity is associated with many illnesses and is directly related to a shorter life expectancy.....  Full Story 

How Effective Yoga Exercises to Cure Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disorder of carbohydrate metabolism where glucose is not taken up the by the cells of the body from the blood.  Glucose provides energy to the cells of the various organs of the body to complete their various functions.  The supply of glucose to the cells is controlled by insulin, a secretion of pancreas gland.  The cells become ineffective because of the deficiency of insulin secretion and this condition is known as diabetes mellitus.  Usually this disease is found in middle aged persons but there are many exceptions to this also. Regular exercises, especially yoga exercises will do a great help for keeping the blood sugar steady.....  Full Story

Managing Diabetes - How to Lead a Normal Life In the Society

Diabetes is a lifelong disease without the possibility of complete cure.  But you can control diabetes with medicines and lifestyle changes that will enable you to lead a normal life in the society. Managing diabetes becomes stress-free once you take a systematic approach to medicines, dietary restrictions, regular physical activity and blood glucose monitoring is established.....  Full Story 

Diabetes - Learn More about Diabetic Coma

Brain depends on sugar to its functioning.  Brain is not capable to manufacture sugar and fully depended on the supply by the rest of the body.  Low supply of glucose will affect the normal function of the brain.  When the glucose supply to the brain is not in sufficient quantity, the brain sends commands to start a series of body changes including hormone changes and changes in the nervous system, to get the supply of glucose as per its requirement.....  Full Story

7 Important Things You Should Understand about Diabetes

Every year November 14 is celebrating as ‘World Diabetes Day’.   According to WHO, by 2030, one in every 10 persons will be a diabetic.  So it is very essential to learn and understand more about this disease and necessary to create awareness among the people in the society.....  Full Story 

5 Ways To Lower High Blood 

Diabetes is a lifelong disease which has no practical cure.  Controlling the blood sugar levels and reducing the side effects of the disease are the ways to lead a normal life for a diabetic patient.  Studies show that the life span of a diabetic patient will be lowered by 10 to 15 years when compared to the people, who are not diabetic.....  Full Story 

Controlling and Preventing Diabetes and Diabetic Symptoms, Naturally

In an awfully vital attempt in regulating and forbidding diabetes and the signs of diabetes several studies have disclosed 3 mechanisms which have for the most part benefited the balancing of glucose in the blood, thereby lessening the disproportion in glucose levels, and thus may also control the signs of diabetes, and other diabetic symptoms, or the cause of diabetes. As these levels get uniform the cause of diabetes or any diabetic symptoms are either structured or prevented.....  Full Story

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