Heart Diseases

Women and Heart Attack Symptoms

According to the statistics report of the ‘World Heart Federation’, more than 9 million deaths are occurring among women in one year due to heart attack.  This death rate is alarmingly high in comparison with the numbers of one decade earlier.  As per the new statistic reports there would be an increase of 120% of heart attack cases in women by the year of 2020.....  Full Story

High cholesterol levels may be a warning sign of many health issues, but it does not mean that all types of cholesterol are bad. High cholesterol will lead you to serious problems like heart disease and strokes (which can be deadly) and you can lower your risks by taking medical advice to lead a healthy life. But most of us are not aware about the bad effects of low cholesterol......  Full Story

Heart Attack - Can You Engage In Sex After Heart Attack?


People are often concerned about having sex after a heart attack because they think it might be too strenuous and it will cause another trouble for the heart.  Actually there is no evidence that having sex increases the risk of another heart attack, if you are doing it after the recovery. Once you've recovered, you’re no more likely to trigger another heart attack by having sex than someone who has never had a heart attack......  Full Story

Preventing Heart Disease -Risk Factors and Solutions  

Preventing heart disease is certainly worth learning more about after all heart disease kills more people than any other condition. You may reading this article on preventing heart disease because you have had a close encounter with a coronary event, know someone who has had a heart attack, are simply have a desire to learn more about how you can avoid falling victim to this silent killer. Whatever the reason, I am glad you are here and believe you will find the information on this page to be both factual and useful in helping you to prevent heart disease.,,,,  Full Story

Heart Disease: A Primary Factor of Various Heart Problems  

Heart disease is a very common disease which is affecting approximately around more than 7% of the population. The most common form of heart disease is known as arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis form of heart disease usually leads to heart attack in the patient. This form of heart disease is characterized by a sudden process where the arteries often get hardened. Besides arteriosclerosis, there are also some other forms of heart disease which are often found to be very much deadly.....  Full Story

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