Product Review - The Future of Health Now (Online Magazine)

This is an e-magazine that provides lot of information about health.  In addition to the articles that are publishing regularly on various topics by the experts in the field, you can get access to the numerous audio (interviews etc.) files also.

Health magazines are helpful to know about various diseases and their treatment options. Information about health is a must for the overall health of the society.  Living situations, life style changes, food habits etc. in a society can be controlled by a good health magazine.  Reading a health magazine regularly, along with other journals and periodicals will certainly improve our living style and social conscience.

Online Health Magazine

Who Should Try This Product?

‘Future of Health’ is associated with specialists incorporated in technology, science and environmental medicine.  Various health topics are covered in this magazine.  Priceless information is conveyed to the members every month.  Some of the topics covered are:

Proven methods for reversing the effect of aging 
Keeping testosterone levels healthy 
Reduce the problems of menopause
Avoiding Alzheimer’s, control blood pressure
Improving digestion, eliminating pains and aches
Getting better skin tone
Regaining energy 
Shedding fat

About the Authors

Some of the major names associated with this magazine are: Daphne Oz, Steven Wood, Dr. Shira Miller, Dr. John Monaco, Rollin McCraty, Dr. Kareem Samhouri, Dr. Aubrey De Grey, Dr. John Berardi, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Cynthia Green, John Mackey, Dr. Brandon Colby, Bill Phillips and Timothy Ferriss.  

What You Can Find in This e-Magazine?

This product is an eMagazine which you have to subscribe, monthly or yearly as per your convenience.  The aim of this magazine is to provide clients with information on health that can help to improve their physical health.

 ‘Future of Health’ gives you an opportunity to see into the future of your health.  20 exclusive interviews with famous doctors and scientists are bundled with transcription, audios and action guides.  The topic of these interviews are popular topics such as movement technology, the truth about fat loss, importance of vitamin D, managing blood pressure  without drugs, lowering stress, age reversal, improving mental activity etc.  This magazine is offering solutions for gaining weight, curing Alzheimer’s, treating diabetes and protecting clients from out dated health information.

Video information on step by step techniques and 24x7 e-mail supports for the members are available.

BONUSES: Your will get two special bonuses after your first subscription:

1) An eBook: Changing Your Emotions – How to Manage Stress
2) A MP3 audio file: Solving Sleeplessness


Sylvia: Erai, Thank you very much for publishing the information about the study, although I think it would be very beneficial for ……

Marilyn Taylor: I am very glad that you are putting out this information. I have been aware of this for years, but ……

Virginia Ericson: Good article. Tells how to use and not just what it is good for. Good coverage of usage.


Name of the Product : THE FUTURE OF HEALTH NOW

Subscription Rate of the Product           : $177 yearly (60% discount)
                                                              $19.97 monthly (50% discount)
Money Back Guarantee : For 60 Days
Bonus with the Purchase : 1) eBook: Changing Your Emotions- 
                                                                               How to  Mange Stress
                                                               2) MP3: Solving Sleeplessness 
Download Page for Purchase : Go to the Official Website.

Final Word

‘Future of Health’ is a self treatment program that people can perform at home.  Those who have interest in health related topics can try it for 60 days free.  Interviews with 20 best doctors and scientists are able to access after the sign up itself.  

Click here to subscribe to this magazine.  If you are not satisfied with contents in this, you can ask for the refund within the Guarantee Period.

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