Product Review - How to Conquer Menopause by Cathy Taylor

Menopause is a natural change for all women. One of the most common complaints about menopause is the occurrence of hot flashes which can cause endless nights of interrupted sleep. 

Before reaching the stage of menopause, women normally suffer sleep disturbances because of aging.  Insomnia during menopause can be caused by various discomforts such as decline of hormone level, depression, anxiety etc. Hormonal fluctuations can change your emotional and physical state and disrupt your sleep and they can produce insomnia symptoms.

Menopause eBook

Who Should Try This Product?

Women who are suffering from menopause problems are ready to undergo any type of treatment to ease out of the problems.  Hot flashes, night sweats, sleeping problems are the common discomforts for most of the women in this period.  They can try this alternate treatment method to end their worries instead of conventional treatment.  This eBook is a step-by-step manual for them and it explains how to cope with menopause.  

Before the purchase of this product, you can freely download one eBook (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?) and one audio interview (with T.S.Wiley, author of Sex, Lives and Menopause).

About the Author

Cathy Taylor is the author of this book.  She was a veteran Registered Nurse and a former sufferer of menopause problems.  The discomforts she had to suffer in this period made her to do more research on this and find out an appropriate treatment option for the problem.
What You Can Find in This eBook?

This product is an eBook and in digital format that will address all your worries and concerns about menopause. This book is easily downloadable also.

This book explains various stages and most common problems of menopause.  Learn how to eliminate menopause symptoms through all three states including peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause without taking traditional Hormone Transplant Therapy (HRT).  HRT is dangerous and sometimes lead to heart attacks, strokes and even lead to cancer.  In this eBook, you can learn about:

The four stages of menopause.
Truth about bioidentical hormones vs. traditional hormone replacement therapy.
35 common symptoms of menopause and how to manage every one of them without taking medicine.
The connection between menopause and other health problems.
How you can cope with mood swings?

This eBook explains how to avoid HRT and use alternate natural therapies to eliminate menopause symptoms.  It teaches you how to:

Stop hot flashes quickly and naturally.
Stop mood swings and night sweats.
Remedy bloating and water retention.
Take back control your life.
Lead a healthy life.

The purchase is supported by the updates in their websites and by the monthly newsletter.
BONUSES: Five Reports are free with the purchase of this product.  These reports are about:

1. Hot flashes 
2. A spouse’s survival guide 
3. Male menopause   
4. Alternative therapies 
5. Libido


Following are the free expressions from those who have used this product and find it as a better solution to their physical discomforts:

Ginger W. Lenxa, Kansas: "If I'd only had this before I suffered for two years with hot flashes and anxiety attacks. I am experiencing such relief just by trying a few of the alternative treatments that are available in this eBook." 

C. Rodriguez - Orange County, California: "At 50 I married a guy 10 years my junior. For awhile, our sex life was good. But as I got into my mid-60s, things changed dramatically. I had stopped bleeding totally and started experiencing pain during intercourse, mostly due to vaginal dryness. And, of course, my drive wasn't as strong anymore. My will was still there, but the body was definitely lacking. So I started taking T.S. Wiley's recommended doses of alternative estrogen. I read about it in her book Sex, Lies & Menopause and contacted her office. I did it all with a doctor's supervision because I have cancer in my family history, and I needed to feel totally safe trying it. All I can tell you now is that someone would have to kill me to get my natural hormones away from me now. I'm back to my old, very active sex life and loving it! You owe it to yourself to read the information in this eBook."

Lesley Carney - Irving, Texas: "I was very impressed with how easy it is to read and understand, How to Conquer Menopause. I've read several books on the subject and they've been tedious to read and difficult to understand. This book was different... it explained why I'm feeling the way I am and having the symptoms I'm having. Without the insights from this book I would continue, as would my family, to think I was crazy. I can honestly say that this ebook should be read by every woman who is getting ready to or is going through menopause. By the way... I learned to not be fearful of the many symptoms I was having now that I know why I was having them. I can now face menopause without fear."


Name of the Product : HOW TO CONQUER MENOPAUSE

Price of the Product : $24.95
Money Back Guarantee : For 60 Days
Bonus with the Purchase : Five Reports Covering: 
                                                              1) Hot Flashes
                                                              2) A spouse’s Survival Guide                        
                                                              3) Male Menopause
                                                      4) Alternative Therapies
                                                      5) Libido
Download Page for Purchase : Go to the Official Website.

Final Word

Menopause is a disastrous experience for most of the women.  Conventional treatment methods are always not very helpful and also they are very costly.  Before making the purchase of the product, Visit the company’s official website to get the free eBook (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Right for You?) and the audio interview (with T.S.Wiley, author of Sex, Lives and Menopause).  These items will help you to analyze the nature of the method of treatment before the purchase.

Click here to try this natural treatment method for the Money Back Guarantee period.  You can return it and claim your money back, if the treatment method is not effective for your purpose.  

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