Product Review - Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis


Conventional treatments for arthritis using medicines, surgery, and transplantation are not effective in all cases and also they are very expensive.  This natural treatment for arthritis is very effective and less costly.

Arthritis usually attacks us when we are old.  But for rheumatoid arthritis, it is different.  It can be affect a youngster of 20 years old as well as old aged people.  Even though it is a very common disease, it is painful and very incurable at the moment.  You can be at risk for getting arthritis and you may not even know it.  Some of the conditions cannot be changed but there are a number of things that you can do to prevent arthritis happening to you later in life.  Statistics shows that 75% of the rheumatoid arthritis patients are women.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment eBook

Who Should Try This Product?

Conventional treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is not effective.  Treatment is based on reducing the pain and inflammation of the joints.  For the treatment, Antibiotics and Non-Steroid Anti Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are used.  Though this will reduce pain and inflammation, the complete treatment of the disease is not possible.  The patients who have rheumatoid arthritis for a considerable period of time will have to suffer some other disorders also such as dryness of the eyes, mouth, nose, skin etc. due to dysfunction of the glands and this is known as Sjogrens syndrome.  As the time passes, deformation of the bones will also takes place.  Prolonged use of antibiotics and non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs will cause problems in our stomach because it will damage intestinal wall.  

About the Author

Clint Paddington is the author of this book.  He himself was suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for five years.  After a long time treatment for his knee joint with conventional drugs, he had to suffer the negative effects of this type of treatment.  This has made him to think about an alternative treatment method for the disease.  After the study and research for years, he was successfully found out this natural treatment for arthritis program, which became a boon to many sufferers of this disease.  This product was widely accepted and it is selling in nearly 50 countries of the world.

What You Can Find in This eBook?      

This review is about the treatment program of Rheumatoid arthritis by Clint Paddison. This product is selling as an eBook (118 Pages) in PDF digital format which can be downloaded easily.

A complete information about the disease and its causes are detailed.  It gives us instructions on how to:

Eliminate pain in swollen and inflamed joints.
Overcome stiffness and ‘locking up’ of joints.
Overcome the lack of strength and energy.
Reduce blood CRP and ESR ratings.

From this eBook, you can understand about the real causes of the disease and how to release pain.  A 12 day dietary program is included.  Step-by-step exercises for pain relief and joint healing are mentioned.

BONUSES: You will get three BONUSES along with the purchase of this product:

1) One eBook: “The Hidden Cause: Food and Rheumatoid Arthritis”
2) Instructional videos are available for the first 12 days about the foods and preparation of key meals.
3) E-Mail contact with Clint Paddington for your queries, doubts and also about success stories.


Following are the free expressions from those who have used this product and found relief for their physical discomfort:

Gilly Roberts, Adelaide Australia: “I’m a long time sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and have been on a quest for wellness for many years, I have visited practitioners that number in access of 100 and have pursued many courses of remedies from conventional medicine to complementary. I have been continually fed the information that RA is a Chronic Incurable disease with only degeneration to look forward to!  Imagine my joy when I read the Clint Paddison’s Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis with his optimistic outlook on the condition having done the hard yards with his research and scientific evidence that diet and lifestyle healed his RA symptoms with blood indicators showing the evidence of his condition returning to normal!!  I have been on the program for just over two months and I acknowledge that it is early days for me, however, my last blood test showed that my CPR has improved 300% from 38 to 13. My outlook is optimistic, with mobility of joints slowly returning and general health allowing me to undertake daily chores with more energy and vigour. I have been so encouraged by Clint Paddison’s Program that I have set in place a health management program to participate in life again with restored energy”

Karen Stefanski-pascale: “Today is day 2 of the 12 day cleanse….and in one day have 95% reduction of swollen joints…continuing on with the 12 days… Excited to feel better..hope it continues to help me heal. thanks for your amazing protocol!”

Josefina Blanc, South Carolina: “Clint, I followed your program and the effects are remarkable already…I have been drug-free for 3 weeks now and planning on taking it longer, when I see my Rheumatologist and discuss the possibility. Now I remember that nutritional empowerment is absolutely true and deeply underestimated…I am so excited about it, I’m almost nervous to even talk about it…the improvements are remarkable. I have recommended your book to a few RA victims already. Thank you again. You’re a good man, and I wish you all the success in the world through the hard work you have put out.”


Name of the Product : PADDISSION PROGRAM FOR 

                                                          RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
Price of the Product : $49
Money Back Guarantee : For 60 Days
Bonus with the Purchase : 1) eBook:The Hidden Cause: Food 
                                                                         and  Rheumatoid Arthritis
                                                           2) Instructional Videos
           3) E-Mail support
Download Page for Purchase : Go to the Official Website.

Final Word

Money Back Guarantee shows the confidence of the author about the product.  If you or your close relatives and friends are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and want to change the present conventional treatment into an alternate treatment method, you can try this product.   This product has got wide response from the customers and sold in 49 countries so far.  So it is suitable for a free try.

Click here to purchase this natural treatment for arthritis.  You can return it within the Guarantee Period (60 days) and collect your money, if the product is not for you.

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