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Do You Know the Problems with Generic Drugs?

Generic Names and Brand

Generic medications currently account for more than 70 percent of prescriptions dispensed. Some people have concerns about the safety and the effectiveness of Generic drugs.  These drugs do not go through the tough clinical trials like the original drug does. The FDA says that the active ingredient has already been through clinical trials and would be no good to make the generic versions do the same thing because they are made from the same exact ingredients.

Bioequivalence tests are enough to make sure that the drug is effective and safe like the original drug. In most instances there is nothing to worry about because the generic drugs are regulated.  Generic drugs are found to have the same problems as the originals and have the same side effects. However, although generic drugs are clinically bioequivalent to the brand-name version, they often differ in their physical characteristics, such as color and shape.

In a case-control study of patients, using a large national database of filled prescriptions, the researchers identified a break in the patient’s use of the drug, if they were not in the same color and shape. Interruptions in drug use for even a few days can raise the risk of seizure and have important medical and social consequences for patients.

Generic Name Brand

Patients should be aware that their pills may change color and shape is safe to take. Physicians should explain these changes in pill appearance to the patients. Finally, pharmacists should inform patients about the change in color and shape of the drugs, when they change generic suppliers. Researchers suggest that taking steps to permit similarity in pill appearance among bioequivalent brand-name and generic drugs may offer a relatively simple way to contribute to better adherence.

When it comes to drug info, less information is more dangerous. In a study of 1,040 generic drugs, 68 percent had side-effect listings that differed from those of their brand-name equivalents. So it is wise to check the National Institutes of Health database for the most current list of side effects, to know about the side effects of the generic drug prescribed.   

 Watch video by FastNews365 about problems of  generic drugs below:

If you are moved from a brand name drug to the generic or you have noticed any change in the symptoms of the disease, you should to go to your doctor for advice. Researchers should make sure that these drugs are safe for the public use.  More and researched information about generic drugs will help the patients to take a good decision about the medication they you use. Reading medical journals regularly and using natural home remedies for common diseases will help you to understand and avoid the unwanted side effects of the generic drugs.

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