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Cancer Information Helps the Prevention and Reversal of Cancer

It is estimated that 1,638,910 men and women (848,170 men and 790,740 women) are diagnosed with and 577,190 men and women died of cancer in 2012.  America has one of the highest cancer rates in the world, and cancer is the most dreaded disease in our society.  Cancer is also increasing among children and, after accidents, it is their biggest killer.

We need to teach people how to prevent and reverse this tragic disease.  Unfortunately, modern medicine is not very helpful.  Research is the main activity of the billion dollar-a-day cancer industry whose treatments with drugs, surgery and radiation are not only ineffective but dangerous also. These conventional treatments do nothing to address what caused the cancer, and also they suppress the immune system.

 Cancer Detection

Cancer begins with damaged genes.  Initiation occurs when the DNA in a normal cell is damaged. If the DNA is not repaired before the cell divides to form a new cell, it results in a permanent genetic alteration in those new cells. DNA can be damaged by a variety of means, including viruses, chronic infections, foreign bodies, nutrient deficiency, radiation and toxic chemicals.  Due to our exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and X-rays, most of our older population and many of our younger people have completed this initiation, and they have clusters of cancer cells throughout their bodies.  This stage of cancer is not believed to be reversible.

Disease Prevention

Watch the video below by UCTV about preventing cancer naturally:

DNA is being damaged and cancer is being initiated on a grand scale. Our best defense is to support DNA repair with good nutrition while avoiding carcinogenic chemicals and radiation. 
·          Avoid vaccinations; we have been exposed to DNA-damaging viruses through vaccinations.
·         Avoid foods that have been heated to high temperatures, such as barbecued meat, as this causes formation of powerful carcinogens. 
·         Avoid peanuts and corn products as these are often high in aflatoxins, which are potent carcinogens. 
·         Avoid fluoridated water, toothpaste and processed foods.
·         Avoid iron-rich foods such as red meat.
·         Avoid fruit juices; they contain too much easily-absorbable sugar.

Preventing and Reversing Promotion of Cancer
  • By eliminating cancer promoters and maximizing cancer inhibitors, it is possible to turn cancer off! We know fresh fruits and vegetables are cancer inhibitors; so eat lots of them.
  • Eat plenty of omega-3 oils to offset this effect; supplement with flax and fish oils.
  • Chronic stress substantially increases free radical formation and also severely depresses the immune system. Both promote cancer. Using stress-reducing techniques such as meditation are important.
  • Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is probably the single most important thing you can do to prevent or reverse cancer.
  • Cancer is a complex disease requiring the successful completion of many steps to make it happen and this provides us with multiple opportunities for its prevention and reversal. The most powerful preventive and healing tools are fresh fruits and vegetables plus high quality supplements.
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