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How Can Our Genes Be Affected By the Foods We Eat?

Human Gene

Genes have the power to control various aspects of our body from birth to death.  Some even believe that our genes have already predetermined the illnesses you are destined to suffer. But this is not completely true, based on various studies on this aspect. 

In some cases, genes have their effect to cause some diseases but in many cases the fact is different.  A study with one thousand identical twins, for many years, shows that there was no correlation between the illnesses the twins developed. One of a pair might have developed heart disease, the other cancer.

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A survey conducted by the American Institute of Cancer Research about this shows that eighty-six percent of people in the survey thought that genes cause cancer.  However, only about 10 to 15 percent of cancers are genetic in origin; the rest are caused by a combination of environmental and lifestyle factors.

Foods have an important role to maintain our genetic integrity.  By reducing the calories of the intake, a person can increase his life span by 30 percent; different studies have supported this view.  This means that by controlling the food habits, the present average life span of 76 years can be extended to 90 or more.

Merely by cutting down on our total calories and eating better foods, we can send positive signals to our genes, thereby increasing our chances for a long, energetic life. Using food as an anti-aging medicine helps our brain to keep regenerating for as long as we live. This means that lowering our caloric intake without sacrificing nutrient density is the positive messages that our food sends to our genes.

All the research points out that we are constantly speaking to our genes through the food we eat.  Since foods have effective control over the integrity on genes, we can take a bold determination to eat healthy and nutritious food only for the benefit of our gene structure.

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