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Yoga Practice and Its Benefits

Yoga Exercises for Total Development

The aim of yoga practice in olden times by the Indian spiritual leaders was to attain ‘super consciousnesses’ or inner vision; thereby they can find the answers to the fundamental questions of life.

Yoga is one of the six schools of spirituality in India.  Yoga can be looked as the unifying principles underlying all religions.  In yoga practice, a stage will be attained where the body and mind will find harmony with the nature. 

Continuous and sincere practice of yoga by the Indians have proved that the inner sight about the essence of life and its realities with the nature can be found out, if one is eagerly determined to reach at that stage. 

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Yoga Exercises in New Era

But in modern times, the yoga practice is mainly aimed at the physical well being of the participant.  But in contrast with the other physical exercises, yoga will help the participant to attain spiritual and psychological uplift also along with the physical fitness advantage.  The regular practiceof yoga helps us to reduce the levels of physical, mental and emotional stress; it brings the union and harmony of body, emotion and mind. 

Dedicated practice of yoga will change our outlook towards life and that will help us to take right attitude towards the problems.  Our common belief is that our problems are the creation of other people and of the surroundings in which we live.  But yoga teaches us that most of the problems lie within us and we have to undergo inner changes or modification to solve them. 

Now we can find associations or groups that promote the practice of yoga in many cities of the world.   Apart from other physical fitness exercises, yoga practice does not require a complete healthy body to commence the practice.  Sick people and old people and even children can practice yoga under a qualified trainer.

Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Yoga practice is in very much use for the cure of many diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, heart problems etc.  Healing benefits of yoga makes this physical exercise, a better practice than any other exercises.  Under the supervision of certified yoga trainer, many sick people have reversed the symptoms of their disease without the help of any medicine.  Along with the use of medicines the yoga practice can be helpful to get the relief within a short period of time from the diseases.

Yoga is the spiritual science of creating perfect harmony through proper body positioning and breath control, between the mighty energies of the universe within the human organisms.  The state of harmony between mind, emotion, body and nature results from the proper practice of yoga.  Regular practice will help us to reduce the levels of physical, mental and emotional problems.  Yoga will modify us to have the right thought, right action and right attitude.

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