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Stress - How to Measure and Get Relief From Stress?

Stress and Tension

In our modern busy life stress and strain can be considered as the part and parcel of life. 

Can we measure stress? Without being able to measure your stress levels we can’t effectively fight against it.   Reliably measuring stress on a daily basis turns out to be the key step to account for your progress. 

Earlier scientists tried to measure stress levels by monitoring brain waves.  This required expensive equipment, proved difficult to master and was not practical to use at home.  Stress could only be measured in a lab environment.

Recent studies showed that the heart instead of the brain has a far greater influence over the body’s ability to process stress just because it is the dominant rhythm generator of your body.   HeartMath discovered a way to measure heart rate and thus measure the body’s reaction to stress. The device called the emWave tracks the beat to beat change and the heart rhythm over time thus capturing the variance of the rise and fall of your heart rate.

Watch a video below by BBC about Managing Stress:

Relieving Stress

Stress can be eased out if you follow some simple steps in your social life:
  •  Always use words carefully when we interact with others.  Words can be sometimes more powerful than we think and that will affect our peace of mind and our relations with other persons.
  • Try to be pleasant always.  A smiling face will get acceptance everywhere.
  • Find out your special talents and recognize your victories.  They will boost your morale.
  • Give more importance to the foods you select.  Right type of food is necessary for avoiding stress.
  • Be active always.  Life is to be enjoyed and the interaction with others will be very helpful for the easiness of our mind.
In addition to this, relaxed and long sleep, vitamin rich food, intake to foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, natural stress supplements, meditation etc. will help you in stress management.

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