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How to Get Immunity against Cold and Flu?

Flu like Symptoms

Each year, between five and 20 percent of the US population come down with flu-like illness. Both colds and various influenzas are caused by a wide variety of viruses and not by bacteria. Both these ailments affect the respiratory tract, but there are some differences between them.

The symptoms of common cold are runny nose, congestion, cough, and sore throat. The symptoms of the flu tend to be far more severe, capable of causing severe lung infection, pneumonia and even respiratory failure. Joint pain follows in both cold and flu.

Causes Cold and Flu

It's important to understand that the reason you catch a cold or flu is because your immune system is impaired. Researches show that cold and flu may actually be a symptom of an underlying vitamin D deficiency. Less than optimal vitamin D levels will make you far more susceptible to contracting colds, influenza, and other respiratory infections. If your vitamin D level is higher it will lower your risk of contracting colds, flu, and other respiratory tract infections. If your immune system is efficient, you will not be attacked by these viruses.

Prevention and Remedies for Cold and Flu

·         Flu vaccine helps in prevention of the disease.
·         Antibiotics are ineffective for the treatment common cold or flu. Most common cold and flu medicines have some side effects on the central nervous system, which can be unpredictable. While some people may experience drowsiness, dizziness, insomnia, or upset stomach, others may experience a rapid heartbeat or hyperactivity.
·         Native Remedies offers many safe, effective products to alleviate symptoms and ease the duration of a cold or the flu. Drinking lots of fluids and fresh juices of citrus fruits and taking Vitamin C are helpful home remedies. Teas made with ginger root help in controlling a runny nose and promote gastrointestinal functions. Natural remedies and supplements should be taken daily to strengthen the immune system. Herbal plants can gently assist the body without the side effects. In addition, homoeopathic remedies work with your body to engage your own system to heal itself. 
·         Apple has a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect that may boost the immune system and protect against the flu. For a healthy body it's important to eat at least two pieces of fresh fruit each day.
·         A hot bowl of chicken soup may prevent throats becoming sore and help to stop the movement of white blood cells. Chicken soup is a combination of veggies and protein and it is a wonder food for those who have a cold or flu.
·         Prevention is the best method.  Boosting immunity by exercising, eating right, and controlling stress will make the body in better condition and makes able to fight the germs it encounters. Physical exercises in moderate level may improve immune function and decrease the risk of upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold.
            Supplements containing garlic and vitamin C are helpful to support a healthy immune system and help create a strong first line of defence against allergies, viruses, and bacteria of all kinds.

Watch a video below by ElsBeautyxx ♡DIY about How to Boost the Immunity System:

Watch and Change Lifestyle

Some of your lifestyle habits may not good enough to support the immunity function of the body; some examples are:
  • Eating too much sugar can ruin your immune system.  Controlling your sugar intake is crucial for optimizing your immune system.
  • Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Not getting enough rest
  • Insufficient exercise
  • Emotional stress
Following lifestyle strategies will also help optimize your overall resistance against cold and flu viruses:
  1. Get plenty of good sleep.
  2. Exercise regularly. Exercise can also help boost your immune system acutely, by increasing your body temperature.
  3. Control emotional stress.

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