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Comparison of Yoga Exercises with Other Physical Fitness Exercises

Yoga History

Yoga is a meditation exercise that was originated in ancient India around 3000 B.C.  Yoga exercises were practiced regularly by the spiritual leaders of Hindu and Buddha religions.  Because of this, yoga is considered by many as a spiritual practice and not as a fitness exercise. 

But actually, though yoga exercises were practiced by the ‘Sanyasis’ (spiritual leaders) for the development of their mind and body. This is a complete exercise that can be practiced by anybody for the development of their body and mind.

Yoga is a set of exercises that can be practiced by anybody even if the practitioner is a child, an old aged person or a sick person.  Like other exercises, you do not have to apply excess strength to complete any action in yoga; your normal strength is enough to complete any exercise here.  That is why this can be easily practiced by the children and old aged people.

Yoga Health Benefits

·         Yoga exercises will increase the flexibility of the body, burn the excess fat and give strength to the muscles.  It is a very good exercise for getting cardiovascular strength.  Yoga exercises can be used as treatment methods for many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, arthritis etc.  Regular practice of yoga exercises will help you to reduce your excess weight and help the pregnant women to complete their delivery without any complication.

·         Yoga breathing exercises are very good to get cardiovascular benefits.  Practicing yoga breathing exercises will give calmness and focus to the mind.  ‘Pranayama’ is a yoga breathing exercise used by the spiritual leaders of olden times to attain salvation.  This breathing technique will help you to bring more oxygen to the brain and to the other parts of the body.

·         Yoga exercises will rejuvenate the body.  After completion of a set of yoga exercises, you will feel more energized.  This is the main difference between yoga and other exercises.  While doing other types of physical fitness exercises, your strength will be drained and you feel very tired. Yoga usually completes its exercise program with ‘Savasana’ or death pose, which will give your body more strength and energy.

·         Stretching exercises that include in yoga will give more flexibility to the various parts of the body.  It will make you able to prevent normal injuries that are common while doing other sports activities.  Yoga practice itself will not cause any injury, because it does not demand any forceful action to complete any exercise.

Watch a video below by BeFiT  about Yoga Exercises:

Always practice yoga with help of a certified teacher or by watching a training video.  In comparison with other physical fitness exercises, yoga exercises have many benefits.  It can be practiced by any person, even by children and sick people alike.  It does not need well fit body to practice yoga, as in the case to do jogging or weight training.  Anybody who is interested can start to practice yoga exercises according to the capability of their body.   By regular practice they can pick up more strength and suppleness to the body.

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