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Women and Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart Failure Statistics

According to the statistics report of the ‘World Heart Federation’, more than 9 million deaths are occurring among women in one year due to heart attack.  This death rate is alarmingly high in comparison with the numbers of one decade earlier.  As per the new statistic reports there would be an increase of 120% of heart attack cases in women by the year of 2020. 

 Watch a video below by Howdini about the symptoms of heart attack in women:

Estrogen, the hormone which is present in women at the time of menstruation period protects them from the attack of cardiac disorders.  Estrogen will enhance the quantity of HDL cholesterol which is beneficial to the body and also diminishes the quantity LDL cholesterol that is harmful for the body.  But after menopause, the estrogen supply will be reduced in female body.  In addition to this condition, diabetes, prolonged use of contraceptive pills etc. will increase the possibility of heart disorders in women.  The chances are very high when the age comes over 60 years.

Heart Failure Symptoms in Women

In women, the symptoms of heart attack are very different from men.  Women usually will not have chest pain at the time of heart attack, but they might have a light or heavy feeling in the chest.  Sometimes this pain may be in the back between shoulder blades.  Usual symptoms of heart attack in women are the following:
  •  Heavy feeling in chest
  • Pains in the back between the shoulder
  •  Trouble in breathing
  • Pain or lightness in the chest that spreads to the jaw, neck, shoulder, ear or inside the arm
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Feeling  sick to stomach (mostly upper abdominal pain)
  • Feeling nervous

Tips for the Prevention Cardiac of Diseases in Women
  • Check cholesterol regularly.
  • Control diabetes, otherwise this will become a very strong cause for heart attack.
  • Check blood pressure regularly. 
  • Avoid stress and mental strain. 
  • Exercise regularly for 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Make ample changes in diet: Eat fish, chicken, turkey, lean meats, baked or roasted foods.  Skimmed milk and low fat yogurt are good.  Eat a lot of fish and vegetables (five servings a day).  Other foods that can be consumed are Cereals, breads, rice, pasta made from whole grain etc. Eat less egg yolks, fats (butter etc.) and oils, organ meats (liver, kidney, brain etc.), salt, packed and processed foods.
  • Do not smoke and stay away from smokers.
  • Always stay active.  Being active is one good condition to be healthy physically and mentally.
  • Check Body Mass Index and control body weight.
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