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How Exercises Prevent Aging

Fitness and Exercise

Physical activity is very helpful in staying fit and vital. A carefully planned exercise with proper medical attention to your health will help you to lead long and healthy life. Exercise is the best medicine for anti ageing.
Muscle mass decreases 40 to 50 percent between the ages of 30 and 80. This reduces strength, slows metabolism, degrades key body functions (such as cardiovascular performance and bone health), and can compromise longevity. Exercises and healthy living can prolong the healthy human lifespan by an extra 30 percent! Substantial health benefits occur with regular physical activity that is aerobic in nature (such as 30–60 minutes of brisk walking, 5 or more days of the week). Regular exercise in middle age can help men and women prolong their physical prowess as they grow older.  

Watch the video by Dr. Daniel Pompa about the exercises to reduce anti ageing process below:

While aerobic exercise is important to keep weight within a healthy range and to improve the cardiovascular system, strength training is just as important. Strength training, also referred to as resistance training, enables men and women at any age to improve their overall health and fitness by increasing muscular strength, endurance, and bone density. This particular type of fitness workouts also improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

Importance of Physical Exercise

Studies show that even men and women in their 90s who took up weight training increased muscle mass and strengthened bones, both key improvements in preventing falls and injuries and encouraging continued independent living. People in their 50s and 60s to become physically active, especially if they have conditions or habits that endanger their hearts, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or smoking.

The reduction in the risk of early death was achieved in study participants who engaged in very moderate physical activity: the reduction was seen among those who walked leisurely, gardened, or went dancing a few times a week. Even those who were obese had a lower risk of dying if they were regularly active. Physical exercise has also now been shown to help maintain our mental health. Physically active adults have higher concentration skills, which may help maintain memory and combat dementia.

Exercise for Fitness

Exercises are universally accessible anti-ageing modality. The basics of physical exercise are just as much a key part of an anti-ageing program as hormone replacement, diet, and nutritional supplementation. It's never too early or too late to start a regimen of fitness workouts, and the benefits of doing so are wide ranging for you and your loved ones. Adopt natural lifestyle to defend ageing more effectively.

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